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Do I fast before bloods?
What blood test results should be and what are concidered normal?
Do I need to take Arnica or Bromelain?
What if I am on my period?
Will I have drains and for how long?
Is there a maximum amount of liposuction you can have?
Why I can't get implants together with breast lift?
Will a tummy tuck repair hernia?
Will a tummy tuck fix my C section scar?
Does tummy tuck fix separated muscles?
Why am I asked to lose weight?
Why I can or can not have liposuction?
Are stitches dissolvable? Do I need to remove them?
How soon after child birth can I have surgery?
What if my BMI has changed since i got a quote?
Why do I have to wait 1 year after WLS to have skin removal surgery?
Which airport do I fly to? How far is it from the clinic?
How do I get to the clinic from airport?
Where do I stay close to clinic?
How soon can I return home?
Do I need airport assistance?
Can you suggest any essentials I need to buy before I come.
How much is deposit?
How to pay the deposit?
When to pay balance? Can I pay in advance, can I pay cash, in pounds or euro?
Will I get my deposit back if I cancel the surgery?
What happens if i need to cancel/postpone my surgery? At what point could I change that date if needed without loosing my deposit?
Is it possible to pay some of my balance before I arrive?
Do you offer payment plans?
Will I be able to walk after surgery?
For how long do I change dressings?
What do I put on scars 14 days after surgery?
How does recovery look like? How much time off work do I need?
How many lymphatic drainage massages do I need?
What if I have a seroma. How do I know it's a seroma?
When can I drive?
How to deal with swelling?
How many days do I stay after surgery? Do days spent in the clinic count?
How long after surgrery can I go on holiday?
When can I go to sunbed if scar is covered?
What type of bra do I wear once stop wearing the compression?
Do I need compression socks?
How to prepare for consultation? What to expect?
When will I have follow up appointment?
What is revision policy?
How long to wait for appointmnet after consultation?
Do I need a medical insurance?
My friend had the same surgery but our prices are different.
Are you allowed have someone accompany you in the clinic, after surgery etc as a visitor? Can my partner stay with me in the hospital?
How to get on the cancelation list?
How to choose a surgeon?
Do you provide with a compression garment?
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