Primary knee arthroplasty

Duration of the surgery
2-3 hours
Regional anaesthesia
Thread removal
After 14 days
Recovery time
3-6 months
3050 €
Price includes:
Three nights in the clinic, meals, blood tests, anesthesia, postoperative care, personal hygiene products, medication, primary rehabilitation, crutches.
Primary knee arthroplasty


70 €
Second consultation
35 €
Primary knee arthroplasty
3050 €
Primary hip arthroplasty
2850 €
2600-4500 €
Hyaluronic acid injections into the joint
180 €
Injection of collagen peptides into the joint
180 €
Knee arthroscopy
1350-1650 €
Knee ligament surgery
from 2400 €
Shoulder joint surgery
2050-3550 €
Elbow joint surgery
1500 €
Ganglion cyst removal
600 €
Treatment of De Quervain disease
550 €
Trigger finger treatment
530 €
Repair of damaged articular cartilage
2750 €
Metal removal
650 €
Endoscopic Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome
750 €
Endoscopic treatment of elbow canal syndrome
750 €
Hallux valgus correction with the percutaneous MICA technique
1700 €
Correction of hammer toe deformities
nuo 1300 €
Removal of an ingrown nail
250 €
Operative treatment of Haglund's deformity percutaneous Zadek osteotomy
1700 €
Arthroscopic arthrodesis of the ankle joint
2000 €
Arthroscopic treatment of ankle joint instability
1700 €
Arthroscopic treatment of ankle joint stiffness or cartilage defect
1100 €
Treatment of hallux rigidus with percutaneous cheilectomy
1000 €
Hallux Rigidus treatment with arthrodesis
1500 €
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What is the price of this surgery?
How long does the surgery last?
Will the surgery be a success?
For how long the surgery result is maintained?
What possible surgery complications could be expected?
Is this procedure painful?
Is it allowed to resume physical activities after the surgery?
How long does the recovery after the arthroplasty knee joint surgery take?
How long should I stay in the hospital after the surgery?
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